3 Fast Tips: How To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

By udm - September 3rd, 2018 in Kitchen, Kitchen Cabinets

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Spice Things Up (By Gathering Your Spices)

Spice containers have a habit of accumulating a ton of space in your kitchen cabinets. Half empty containers with the same spice might tell your guests from a distance that you make plenty of yummy meals. However, when you’re not trying to impress others with your kitchenware, these containers just clutter your space. Does this sound like you? If so, gather your spices and throw away expired spices. Use one jar for the same spice instead of having three, half-used containers of pepper or thyme.

The Infamous Junk Drawer 

You read that correctly. Advising to maintain a junk drawer seems like mixed messaging on our end. But we swear one junk drawer works wonders. All the random items people love to keep in their kitchen like coupons, pens, receipts, and charging cords can all stay in one place away from your pots, pans, and spices. Don’t forget to check your junk drawer once a month to keep current junk items and toss old items that no longer give your life value.

Cabinets Cleanup and Minimalism

When you organize your kitchenware, keep things together. Glasses should be kept together and your plates should be all in one place. When you organize similar things together, not only will you utilize your space better, but you will unearth things you haven’t used in some time. Ask yourself:

  • Do you really need that five-year-old, promotional mug from your old job?
  • Why keep pots that no longer have matching lids?
  • Which items are no longer usable or can be donated to free up space for needed items?
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