5 Tips for Interior Lighting 2018

By udm - August 8th, 2018 in Interior, Kitchen

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5 Tips for Interior Lighting 2018

Lighting can dramatically elevate your design scheme in your place; furthermore, good lighting affects the mood of a space. Here are our top 5 tips for creating a lovely space with optimum interior lighting.

1. Know How Far You Need to Climb To Reach New Heights. 

Knowing your ceiling’s height can help you select the right hanging light fixture. Some lights come with cables that adjust but some do not. Try to buy the right light so you won’t get stuck with a lighting fixture that hangs too high or too low.


As a soft rule, the bottom of a light should hang 15 to 20 inches roughly below a standard ceiling with 8 feet. Simply add three inches for every additional foot of ceiling height.

2. Table Lighting 

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Brightening up your kitchen island or dining table is a great way to alter the look and feel of those areas. When hanging a light fixture over a table, try to keep a 28 to 32 inches distances from the light’s bottom to the surface of the table.

3. Stairs Shine Bright Too

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Go right ahead! Add some lights to the stair riser since it can be dangerous moving downstairs at night. Stairwells are usually closed off by its guardrail, so you can add lights on the sides.

Stair lighting also works for your lawn or exterior areas as well.

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4. Toe-Kick Lighting

Many homeowners think toe-kicks lights are only seen in high-end homes or purely for aesthetics. However, strip lighting found in cabinets or other darkened areas can create a sophisticated night look that increases the property value of your home and makes your space more navigable.

5. Get Creative

Now that we’ve shown you how lighting can add practicality and variety to your home, we also encourage you to add lights creatively to distinguish your space from others. You can use lights as wall art or other decorative pieces.

Check out this current pieces from Pottery Barn Teen 

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