5 Design Elements Under $15

By udm - August 20th, 2018 in Interior

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5 Design Pieces Designers Never Spend More Than $15 On

Flower Power

When buying flowers, it’s important that they look fresh. Therefore, people think fresh flowers means spending over $60 on a freshly cut bouquet from some custom flower shop.

Rather than spending a lot more at a florist, simply go to your local grocery store and find a bouquet that suits you for less than $15.


Also, why spend more money on a vase too? If you’re planning on purchasing a statement vase, or a vase that is the central piece on your dining or coffee tables, then¬†prepare to set aside a bigger budget for that. However, for simple, clear vases, you can find inexpensive ones at your nearby craft store.


While you may not be able to find a large fern for under $15, you can certainly add some aloe plants or succulents around your home on a budget. Plants enliven a room without spending much money at all.


We understand the temptation to spend the big bucks for a designer candle, especially if you only plan on having one or two featured in a specific area. But if you’re planning on spreading candles all throughout your home, we recommend purchasing ones under $15. We think some of the most affordable and cute ones you can find at Pier 1 and IKEA.

Decor Frames

A variety of stores like World Market, Michaels, and even the Dollar Store have incredible selections with decorative and picture frames, all for sale at very affordable prices. Whether you’re in the market for a vintage style, wood frame, or a unique, custom modern shape, they many options to choose from.

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