What You Need To Bring For An Apartment Application

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What Do I Need For An Apartment Application?

Do you want to cut the apartment application process in half? Bring all the necessary items you need and you can speed up the process. We created a checklist of things apartment managers usually ask for. We hope this list helps speed things along. Happy apartment hunting!

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Driver’s License or Valid ID

A driver’s license or valid ID is crucial when touring and applying to apartments because touring guides can’t show you an apartment without you providing a license or government-issued ID.

Working Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Checkbooks

Many apartments allow you to submit your application using a check, debit card, or credit card. Make sure your finances are in order.

Last Paystub or Offer Letter 

Apartment managers need to make sure you have a steady income. Verify your income by providing your paystubs. However, if you are relocating or beginning a new job, an offer letter from your next employer usually works too.

Rental History 

Most applications ask for your last three places of residence. Have your last three places of residence ready to make filling out your application smoother and quicker.

Credit Score Check

Apartment managers sometimes want to check your credit score to gauge how financially responsible you are as an applicant.

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