How to Get Your Home Ready for The 4th of July

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4th of july

Get Your Home Ready for The 4th of July

Raise an American Flag

No 4th of July party is complete with an American flag waving proudly. Whether you decide to install one on a front-entry flagpole or place one in-ground in your front or backyard, make sure you respect the Flag Code which lays out the right guidelines for displaying the American flag.

Set The Mood 

A 4th of July party is typically casual, being that it happens during the summer time. Whip out a timeless, picnic table, barbeque, and some sparklers, and you have yourself a party.

What’s on The Menu?

Before you even start loading up the grill, make sure you check your grill to ensure it’s safe to use. While we love some, classic, good, old-fashioned burgers and hot dogs, there are countless other options one can try. Items like a charcoal smoker will really take your menu to the next level if you love a good barbecue. Also, some slow-cooked ribs, grilled eggplant for your vegetarian guests, a BLT salad, baked beans, and more.

The 4th of July is All About Looking Into The Sky Outside 

Do you want to be the party starter of your neighborhood? Encourage your guests, friends, and family to head outside and play some games. Try to play some basketball, badminton, cornhole, and tons of other games that bring people together for the holidays and summer time.

Don’t Forget Fireworks! 

How can anyone celebrate the 4th of July without some fireworks bursting in the air? Viewing a professional firework show in a safe area designed for the event is one of the best ways to celebrate this holiday. If certain types of consumer fireworks are perfectly legal in your state, you can choose to set off your own. Always protect your family and follow safety precautions to everyone stays having fun without accidents or ER visits.

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